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New Horizon Midwifery of Port Moody, BC provides excellent midwifery services to pregnant woman in many parts of British Columbia. We provide primary care to pregnant women who have low-risk pregnancies, those who are in labor and we even assist with the birth. We also offer care to mother and baby after childbirth for six weeks. We are here for our clients 24/7.

This is your pregnancy, your body and your baby. A midwife provides personalized cares to make sure that your needs are met. You are the main decision maker in your care. Midwifes take the time to provide you with information and fully answer your questions so you can make informed choices. We serve many women from all around the area, including Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and the surrounding areas. With us you will receive care from a small group of midwives which helps know who takes care of you during labor and birth.

At New Horizon Midwifery of Port Moody, BC, if you experiencing a healthy low-risk pregnancy, you will have the choice of either having your childbirth at home or in a hospital with your midwife in attendance. If you choose midwife care, there will be no need of seeing a doctor for your pregnancy care except there are problems. Most of the births tend to be normal and have no complications. Midwives can order tests, prescribe medication and admit you to a hospital. If a problem arises, midwives will consult a doctor.

During your pregnancy, you can still consult your family doctor for any non-pregnancy health concerns. Midwives will provide care for you during all hospital births and all home births.

Approximately 20% of our women choose home birth and 80% choose a hospital birth. If you are interested in home birth, your midwife will discuss this option with you.